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Family Preface


Family Preface

BY Family Preface | IN Family Preface 11|

Believe in the power of change

Witnessing, a wise choice

ALADDIN Redefining Yoga Mats

LOADAY's first load-bearing treadmill pad

ALADDIN Past and Present Lives

I came across the sea just to witness your lifelong beauty

But accidentally lost my car

When Aladdin meets the goddess YOGA

The flying carpet is a product that he shyly left to the goddess YOGA

Who can not be moved by beauty

Who can forget love at first sight

Practicing on the flying carpet every day is a necessary lesson for the YOGA goddess

Just waiting for that unfamiliar and familiar face to enter her eyelids

Over time, "ALADDIN" became her nickname for love

ALADDIN is as gentle as him

Exquisite as he is

DOSAM Tonight

Forge ALADDIN with Conscience

Let every friend who enjoys yoga have a healthy and comfortable yoga mat


There is love and life

Witness the rebirth of LOADAY

Welcome a new force every morning

Accompanying you through every step of your life

Shouldering heavy responsibilities and carrying the responsibility of health

Gently and persistently supporting the strength released by each step of your run

Treadmill mats believe

The Power of Change

LOADAY undertakes the name of treadmill pad in this life

Carry on the gentleness that carries health to the end

Light up your life in the name of love