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Product design, production manufacturing, testing packaging
The company mainly sells yoga mats, travel mats, sports equipment mats and other products

Ningbo Dongsheng Rubber Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and is a joint-stock company that integrates rubber manufacturing, fitness equipment accessories, and aerobic exercise (fitness) product manufacturing. In its 21 year development history, Dongsheng has fully integrated professional resources such as applied knowledge in various fitness fields, rubber product processing systems, and logistics integration, insisting on providing excellent services to customers. In terms of production, Dongsheng strictly controls the standards for product design, production manufacturing, testing, packaging, transportation, and other aspects, and has obtained quality certifications from multiple domestic and foreign institutions. At the same time, we fully utilize new production processes and advanced production technologies to create a mobile production platform that can adjust production according to customer needs, optimize space, reduce waste, and save energy and environmental protection. Over the course of 21 years of accumulation, Dongsheng has continued to pay attention to new industry trends, assign dedicated personnel to study new industry trends and production technologies at home and abroad, and gradually improve and consolidate the company's commitment and responsibility to society and customers in a diligent and diligent manner. Dongsheng, with its strong support and integration of employees, tolerance of customers, and synchronous development in the world, creates value for customers and seeks business opportunities!

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Address: No.1 Linjiang Road, Yinzhou Economic Development Zone, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province
Phone:+86 133-3663-5566
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